Valkyrie Drive – Bhikkhuni [PCSE00948] [US] (Uncensored patch v3) [NoNpDRM] [rePatch]

Ported the mods from the PC version to the Vita version.

What’s included in the uncensored patch:
Changelog: V3
Fixed some folder issue for rePatch
Fixed some characters that still has light censors
Removed all panties

Changelog: V2
Removed 1st censor (Light beam)
Removed 2nd censor (Flower)
Removed 3rd censor (another Light beam)
Replaced Body texture to include nipples and privates
All DLC (fake DLC) aside the MUSIC DLC (get it from NPS)

[With pubic hair]

How to install: (NoNpDRM + repatch plugin)
1. Install base game
2. Install game update v1.02 and be sure it’s properly installed (check game version on live area)
3. copy repatch and reAddcont folder to ux0
4. Run RepatchAID’s (Optional if you have some NoNpDRM DLC of this game)
5. Run game

※ You actually have to strip off your enemy’s clothes during a boss fight to see the boobies or wear Mirei’s clothing on the dressing room.
※ Use a special move (or whatever the game calls it) while you are on Drive 2 and the enemy is almost dead, to strip all of their clothes including underwear.
※ I’ve read that you could just use other characters underwear, but you have to do something in the game or something. So maybe use that just to get Mirei’s underwear and still use your own costume. Let me know how it works!
※ If you want your panties back, just delete the “underwear” folder inside ux0:repatch/PCSE00948/Resource/Character/ folder
※ The game’s a pain enough already having multiple layers of censorship, but I’m really having a hard time removing the bras. I have more luck removing the bra’s on the PC version, maybe someday someone could do the bras.
※ I think you could use 1024×1024 or 2048×2048 instead of the 512×512 body texture , but got lazy to test.
※ Special thanks to loverslab(dot)com for helping me get started on this mod and the_butler for the body textures.


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