Puyo Puyo Tetris [PCSG00224] [NoNpDRM] [rePatch] (English patch v1.0) [Vita] [UPDATE]

Just did a quick translation port since there are a lot of tools for this game and nobody is working on the Vita version yet.
The game is probably fully translated. It didn’t crash for me on the week of working/testing
on this project and hopefully, there will be no major problems with this release, so enjoy Multiplayer and adhoc play 🙂
Was planning on releasing the 1.0 patch by November and sure it was already done by that time, but life, busy work, the holiday season and lots of ps4 games to play made me forget on releasing this, sorry bout that, hope some of you can still find this patch useful.

What’s done in the v1.0 beta patch:
 Greetings on online mode
 Other text/images on online mode
 Some text/images fixes
 Some game messages from the eboot
 3 Extra Stage DLC translation
 DLC item translation

What’s done in the v0.9 beta patch:
Hopefully ported most English text and images from the PC version to the Vita version that includes…
Menu’s images/text
 Story mode
 Arcade mode
 Online mode
 ad-hoc mode
 Replaced all Japanese voices to English voices from the PC version.

What’s not translated:
Very few texts that maybe I’ve missed.

 Some wrong images sizes (maybe)
 Some Missing/corrupted text (maybe)
 Some miss aligned text
Can’t find the voices of the character select screen so it’s still in Japanese… More precisely I found it, but even though I’ve changed it, still remained in Japanese… so maybe it’s hidden somewhere or compressed inside another file.

English patch v1.0 (Japanese dub)
English patch v1.0 (English dub)
No voice in battle mod (optional)

How to install:

1. Install the base game and all DLC first
2. Run/check the un-modded game if it’s running properly (optional)
3. Copy “Repatch and reAddcont” folder to ux0, be sure to have NoNpDrm and rePatch plugin (v3.0) properly installed and working.
4. Copy/Merge “Repatch” folder to ux0 of the English dubbed voice (Optional)
5. Run the game

 Ad-hoc works fine, played a few rounds
 It seems Online play also works fine regardless account region, played between my HK and JP account, then HK and US account. Though I’ve selected “Not set” region in the option or when asked.
 Tested on a Slim and Fat 3.68 h-encore and 3.65 Vita TV.

Special thanks to nickworonekin for his narchive and puyo-text-editor that make it possible to easily port this translation.

[Old video]

15 thoughts on “Puyo Puyo Tetris [PCSG00224] [NoNpDRM] [rePatch] (English patch v1.0) [Vita] [UPDATE]

  1. I think the work that you and your group for Vita translations is awesome. I have an idea on a project and would appreciate your expertise on recommending on how to go about proceeding. Xseed published Wizardry on PS3 in the West, but the Vita version never got an English translation. Would it be helpful to dive in to the PS3 version to try to get English assets or just deal with the Vita version alone? Thank you for your time!

  2. I’m using a 3.68 Vita with h-encore:
    Installed repatch_4.skprx in ux0:tai/ (latest version 2.71)
    Added repatch_4.skprx under kernel in config.txt
    created “rePatch” folder in ux0:
    copied the “PCSG00224” folder inside ux0:rePatch/
    Lauched title from live area – C2-12812-1 Error.
    What should I do?

    1. Have you tried rebooting the Vita? Ideally to have no problems with your tai/coonfig.txt there should be only one existing on your Vita and its recommended to be on ur0:tai/config.txt. if there are other tai/config.txt in the vita, I.E ux0:tai/config.txt or uma0:tai/config.txt you may have problems with loading the repatch plugin, especially if you also have a sd2vita.

      you can try to seek help on the plugin on https://www.reddit.com/r/vitahacks/ or try using autoplugin (https://github.com/theheroGAC/Autoplugin) just be sure you only have ur0:tai/config.txt , you can rename/delete ux0:/tai/ to something else if you have no sd2vita or use any other plugins. If you have other plugins on ux0:tai/ you should 1st move and merge them to ur0:tai/

  3. Could you help me? I tried installing this mod with repatch, but it doesnt translate anything, only the window that appears after you load the game from livearea “Loaded save data” or something like that. But the entire game is still untranslated. Any help? (I have the plugins in ur0/tai)

    1. What firmware are you using? make sure you only have one tai folder setup and the recommended one is on ur0:tai/ . You may need to delete/rename ux0:tai/ or uma0:tai/ if it exist. You may want to try DYLAN suggestion, by deleting the eboot.bin on ux0:repatch/PCSG00224. While you are on ux0:repatch/PCSG00224, you may want to take a screenshot of the contents of the folder so I could verify its contents.

    1. If I may ask what firmware is your vita? and what plugins are enabled? I kinda need this info to narow down why some vita does not work with modded eboots so I could make a fix or issure report with repatch plugin.

      thanks in advance!

      1. I’m using 3.68 (h-encore) with the following plugins: NoNpDrm, NoPsmDrm, LOLicon, DownloadEnabler and rePatch (2.71). I removed the ux0:tai/ folder and I’m only using the ur0:tai/config.txt, but now Adrenaline isn’t working properly.

  4. Great work @FROID_SAN, I had some trouble getting it to work at first but it turns out I had not installed rePatch correctly (wrong path). kylon’s Plugin Manager helped with that. Looks and runs great on my 3.60 OLED Vita. Cheers!

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