UPPERS 01/17/2017 status update

Just resumed translation after the long holiday. Made some correction a friend whos is beta testing pointed out and also found some text needs some fixing. Info about the characters seemed to be injected properly on the Status screen, but looks like the game tips have limitation on character length or max characters used…

Natsuiro High School: Seishun Hakusho 9/1/2016 status update

finally made my code work and extract all text scripts from Script.cat and script2.cat The have a slight difference in file structure so it took me a while to figure it out

repacked is done for script2.cat hopes it works for script.cat, but I’m confident it will work since I made sure the output .txt has the same structure as the script2

But there is one major problem…

I’ve extracted 130,081 lines of Japanese text, that’s a freaking’ hundred thousand Japanese lines to be translated. and add the mail text messages…that’s lot of work for a single dude.


UPPERS 10/27/2016 status update

– Finished making repacker to make my job much easier
– it seems that replacing a swizzled 2d image with a linear 2d image before converting it back to .gxt and repacking works.
– so it doesn’t matter what compression you used on the 2d texture as long as its supported by the psv and have the right dimension and alpha channels
– its safe to say all images are moldable and replaceable with another format.

– text looks fine, with a minor problem with spaces, maybe the unicode value for 0x2000 is not mapped in the font table.

– thought it was bug, but i just messed up and used too many line breaks

Things to do

– Include lzs00 compression to the repacked code
– make a drag n drop batch file for .tga/.dds to gxt
– code a csv/text to bin??? (Utf8 to Unicode to repacked text) For game text massages
– kidnap a sexy slightly chubby kawaii Japanese college student and make her do the translation.

Btw anyone willing to help in the translation is welcome to make edits here
Google docs

People with english major on correcting others are very much welcome. English to Filipino as well as Japanese to english translator is also needed… No i beg you help me japanese literate dudes.


Natsuiro High School: Seishun Hakusho 8/11/2016 status update

News on my Natsuiro Highschool Translation Project
Been on a hiatus for a few months cause I’m busy with Real life and helping out on the New Love Plus+ Translation. I was planning on going to left the signboards in Japanese since I cant find/manage to edit them before, but thanks to my involvement on the NLP+ translation I was forced to level up myself and finally figure out how to edit those sign boards that somewhat crucial to the game so you won’t get lost on achieving your quest.
Sorry for the long delay, and I’m still working on this game so keep in touch.


Natsuiro High School: Seishun Hakusho 7/15/2015 status update

I’ve started on late June and finally made a P.O.C. of the new translation hack project I’ve been working on for the PS3. Most menu’s are translated, also some menu descriptions… the script? naaah! I won’t touch that unless I’ve got everything done. You could check out the related video’s of the game to see how it looks like originally ^^

Check it out and don’t forget to drop a message about my shameful act