Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? – Infinite Combate [JP] [PCSG01002] [Vita] [English translation port] v0.80 Beta

Here’s another quick port of a game that exist on a different platform (PC/PS4/Switch). I was trying to port this last year after the Catherine port but failed since the game text are encrypted and missing some fonts. Fortunately learned a few new stuffs while I was working on Omega labyrinth Z that ultimately help me in making this port. Due to the length and me getting busy IRL, I decided to release this as public beta even though I haven’t Finished the game from start to finish, though I played up to chapter 4 and haven’t encountered a game breaking bug yet.


Omega Labyrinth Z [JP] [English Full fan translation] [Vita] [PS4]

This is a long-overdue project that I’ve plan to work on after helping out with the original Omega labyrinth back in 2018. It’s a simple enough game to mod since it’s made in unity where tools are everywhere, so this game was always on the back of my mind. So after being on hiatus for more than a year without making another translation/port project due to my Hard drive dying on me. I decided to make this my first project for 2021. And also, a certain user keeps nagging me to translate this one lols. There’s also a localized Omega labyrinth Life on witch and PC, so I’ve borrowed some official terms used by the game and some item translation, and the rest of the text/story are translated from scratch.


Catherine: Full Body [JP] [English/Spanish port with Japanese or English dub] [Vita]

Due to the initial release of manual transcribing the game and this mod gaining some visibility and publicity to the scene a user who does not want to be named provided me a decrypted PS4 assets of this game and now this mod is now a full translation port of the PS4 assets. Some text is still manually transcribed since higher PS4 firmware eboots are still not decryptable and PS4 usm video files seem to not have subtitles in them (maybe also inside the eboot), while assets are. This also the reason why the Spanish port will still have a few English in them on the menu due to the eboot issues. Will do the French port after this whole covid19 thing.

Old v0.80 readme.
Here’s an English port of Catherine: Full Body since Atlus decided not to localize it to the Vita then to rub more salt in our wounds decided to make a poll and include this game to one of the possible games to be ported to the switch. Oh yeah, Before I start and probably wondering how is this possible. I don’t have any secret hacks or exploits for the PS4 to get the English assets. This is just good old-fashioned transcribing text from numerous videos on YouTube and my own gameplay. So, most of the untranslated text you may see is the text that I have not encounter during my numerous playthroughs. Since there’s a bit progress on the PS4 scene about backporting and decrypting higher firmware games. I decided to wait for that process to mature, be public and have a more comprehensive guide before completing this port and save myself from manually typing what I see on the screen. The port is mostly playable, probably 70% and if you play just the story and ignoring random dialogs of the NPC’s you’ll mostly see English text and get all the 13 endings and since today is the anniversary of the release date of this game for the vita here’s the playable BETA English port for everyone to enjoy.