UPPERS 10/27/2016 status update

– Finished making repacker to make my job much easier
– it seems that replacing a swizzled 2d image with a linear 2d image before converting it back to .gxt and repacking works.
– so it doesn’t matter what compression you used on the 2d texture as long as its supported by the psv and have the right dimension and alpha channels
– its safe to say all images are moldable and replaceable with another format.

– text looks fine, with a minor problem with spaces, maybe the unicode value for 0x2000 is not mapped in the font table.

– thought it was bug, but i just messed up and used too many line breaks

Things to do

– Include lzs00 compression to the repacked code
– make a drag n drop batch file for .tga/.dds to gxt
– code a csv/text to bin??? (Utf8 to Unicode to repacked text) For game text massages
– kidnap a sexy slightly chubby kawaii Japanese college student and make her do the translation.

Btw anyone willing to help in the translation is welcome to make edits here
Google docs

People with english major on correcting others are very much welcome. English to Filipino as well as Japanese to english translator is also needed… No i beg you help me japanese literate dudes.


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