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The Site is Up!

Well after a month of the site being down due to being hacked (the irony) it’s now live again.

The site kinda wonky as featured images are not working and maybe some other stuff’s, but releases and links are now working.

Hope to get everything back and running soon. I may know some game modding stuff’s but I don’t know a thing bout these web thingy.

Note to self, Do not trust Seagate drives

HDD decided to die on me. It’s a 3TB drive and reporting as a 4.1GB drive.

All my life worth of projects(past/ongoing/soon-to-do), collected tools, created scripts, vita modding stuff, vita homebrews, whole 250GB downloaded steam library, recorded gameplay, Nand backups, work stuff.

All gone.

Dunno if I can start modding again or just retire in this stuff entirely as this is quite depressing and really demotivates me to do anything else.

One of my regrets is that I never manage to upload the Spanish fix for Catherine:FB on vita since it’s finished and just finalizing the readme and patcher.

Moving in…

Hello guys, I’ve created this site so I could move my dirty translation projects here, other console related hacks and also some things that’s going around inside my head.

Dragon Quest builders [PS3 ] woes…

works on my shop pc i3, old NVidia, win7 pc
-hangs on my home pc i7, old AMD, win10 pc
-modded files works on ps3 emulator
-modded files hangs on ps3 ODE

How would I even start porting the English translation when I can’t even test it properly. After all the trouble coding an PS3/Vita phyre to image DDS extractor… Maybe modded files only work for CFW/JB?

why do I hack/translate games?

Its a way to return a favor and keep the cycle going, cause there always some other dude will hack/translate other game from any platform for other losers like me to play with…It keeps us inspired, hopeful in life, Unwinds us form the stressful reality and having these games (VN) and hacking makes me sane and out of jail (as for now)

Taking a look at Shining Resonance [PS3]

I wasn’t able to extract the files, when the game got released, and 8 months have past.. I think I’ve leveled up since…I somewhat extracted the contents and at least it’s named properly by event and in plain SHIFT-JIS text format but on…SDAT?? that weird…sdats should be encrypted…and images uses the common DDS format.

the question is can it be re-packed on a lower version of CPK?