With the current progress on the PS vita scene with the release of a custom 3.65 cfw updater to make 3.61+ games to work. Some translation ports are no longer needed since a much better and official version of the game will now work on 3.65.

So my translation port of toukiden 2 and its patch links will now be removed to not confuse people.

That’s all, froid_san.
Here’s a English translation port patch for Toukiden 2 [PCSG00830] JPN which is compatible with Henkaku enabled consoles. Finally manage to get a hold of a US dump of Toukiden 2 and a 1.06 JPN Game update with the help of Ginkuji and kyu0911. With those files on hand I was able to make a much better translation port unlike with the v0.4c patch.