[Old Video]

Here’s a partial dirty translation for Natsuiro High School (BLJS10273) for easy navigation of the game. Been hacking this game since 06/2015, I’ve probably finished most stuff since mid-2016 aside from dialog and emails. A lot of stuff happened (life), like new projects (PS3/vita) and my cfw ps3 breaking down, and I’m not even a translator to properly translate the dialogs lols, which lead me to set this project aside for many months. Enter 2017 and I decided just to release this as an alpha so others might enjoy this text heavy game. Might pick up this project again if RPCS3 able to emulate this game.

Please do take note that I’m not that an expert in rom-hacking, I can’t read Japanese, and English is not my primary language so some (or many.. I hope not) things might be off or incorrect. But if you are knowledgeable with Japanese or English proofreading and want to correct things or continue and take over the translation, don’t hesitate to contact me, I really need help on this.