Site update 2…

So, a lot of things happened. Life happened, learned a bit to self-host my stuff and my wife’s production environment, learned a bit of doing a solar energy set up then hook it up on my home server. So yeah, I could probably host my website for archival reason and keep those post/instruction/links alive with less to no cost on the bill.

Also, some dude is stealing content and posting a lot of translating stuff from different releases and robbing the creators of their hard work by repacking, removing readme, no info about the release nor creators and releasing stuff on their name. Might as well keep the site up so all the links that points to this site don’t get mislead to unknown repacked sources.

Having 2 emergency visits and a week in the hospital for the last two months of 2023 and another emergency visit at New Year’s Eve of 2023. Can’t believe I’m even writing this right now.
So yeah, health sucks but in a much better condition. So please don’t expect new translation/translation ports… Probably. Hopefully I’ll update the dead links whenever I’m able to do so.


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