Month: January 2017

UPPERS! [JP] (Partial translation patch) [PSV]

This is an old post regarding the Partial translation patch of UPPERS, there is now a Full Fan translation of this game in this project page

Here’s a partial dirty translation patch for UPPERS! (PCSG00633) for easy navigation of the game. I’ve made this partial translation patch upon a request of a friend and the game seem easy to mod and the game is kindda fun so I went ahead and made this, though I think my friend lost interest with the game since it took me a while to finish this, so I’m sharing this unfinished partial translation for everyone to enjoy. Please do take note that I’m not that an expert in rom-hacking, I can’t read Japanese, and English is not my primary language so some (or many.. i hope not) things might be off or incorrect. But if you are knowledgeable with Japanese or English proofreading and want to correct things or continue and take over the translation, don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll be glad to help and share the scripts I’ve made.

UPPERS 01/17/2017 status update

Just resumed translation after the long holiday. Made some correction a friend whos is beta testing pointed out and also found some text needs some fixing. Info about the characters seemed to be injected properly on the Status screen, but looks like the game tips have limitation on character length or max characters used…

Initial D: Extreme Stage [JP] (Partial English translation mod patcher) [PS3]

This is just a beta English patch to a supposedly partial English patch of
Initial D: Extreme Stage, that I have unfortunately put on hold and stopped
working on since 12/24/2014 due to some issues that I’ve never got hold of
the modified images a friend of mine was working on and got busy with my
other projects. I’m just releasing it now since some might have a use for
it and enjoy the game partially patched even though not completed and wont
just be wasted hiding privately on my pc.

I have not fully bug tested this since 2014 and just made a patch from my last
working backup and tested a bit. There are a lot of version of this game and
this patch is specifically for Initial D: Extreme Stage [BLJM60055]. Not sure
if I’m able to revive this project but I’ll try to have a look again and maybe
port it to the BLJM50053 version with is a much more common version of the
game and also have a IRD useful for verification of the integrity of the files.