Date-A-Live Twin Edition: Rio Reincarnation [JP] [English mod patcher v0.95] [Vita]

Here’s an English port of Date-A-Live Twin Edition: Rio Reincarnation using the PC assets. Was originally just helping out with this port until it was handed to me. Kinda an easy port and didn’t have to make scripts, just a hack-job on hex editing was enough for the dialog, but it still took me long enough to finish the port cause of health reasons. Anyways tested the game and finished all three games and all routes two times using a guide and it seems to works fine, also my some of my friends tested it so it seems good enough for a public release.

What’s done:
○ Fixed line breaks for 400 text dialog (this time I need to make a quick dirty script)
○ Fixed accent charters font
○ Fixed dialog proceed icon displaying within the text display area
○ other text fixes
○ Ported All English text and images
○ Merged the PC English vocaless videos with vita’s video track

What’s not translated:
○ Trophies (not a good idea to translate this)
○ Game title on save text (some user on 3.65 have problems with eboots mods on my previous releases so I did not bother to mod this)
○ Game digital Manual

○ Some text may have really big text or have wrong indentation (Center text) (fixable, just report it), but I believe I’ve iron out most of them with the help of my beta testers.

○ Hacked Vita (Enso/h-encore 3.60/3.65/3.68)
○ Repatch plugin (installed on the Vita and verified working)
○ NoNpDrm plugin (installed on the Vita and verified working)
○ Vitashell
○ FTP program (Winscp recommended)
○ This English patch

There are no full games here, Please do not make a request. If you cannot follow the instruction on how to dump and patch your own game, please check elsewhere like google or reddit for those pre-patched files.

Files linked are xdelta differences patch files, it does not contain games nor resembles game codes or contents and won’t function or usable on their own. You must have a hacked console to be able to dump your own game for these patch files to work and use the mods.

English windows xdelta patcher for rePatch v0.95 (714 MB)

How to patch (Windows):
01. Install the Game on your Vita or insert cart.
02. Extract English patch archive to a folder. ex: “Date-A-Live_TERR_patcher”
03. Using Vitashell browse gro0:app/ (if cart) or ux0:app/ (if a PSN game)
04. Highlight the PCSG00599 folder and press Triangle -> then select Open decrypted
05. Press Select and connect Via FTP
06. Using your favorite FTP application on the PC, browse gro0:app/ (if cart)
or ux0:app/ (if a PSN game)
07. Copy PCSG00599 folder to the PC (Date-A-Live_TERR_patcher folder) and rename it to PCSG00599_base
08. Run patch_decrypted.bat and Press Y then ENTER and wait for it to finish patching
09. Copy the contents of inside Copy_to_VITA_ux0 folder to your Vita’s ux0 folder & overwrite all
10. Play the game.

How to install:
1. Copy the contents of inside Copy_to_VITA_ux0 folder to your Vita’s ux0 folder, be sure to have NoNpDrm and rePatch plugin (v3.0) properly installed and working.
2. Run the game.

Additional Notes:
○ WARNING!!! Previous Japanese saves may won’t work on this English patch, be sure to delete all saves and system saves before starting the game using this patch.
○ Some characters whisper in-game and will display a somewhat small text and also some shout dialogs also display a bit bigger text (not too big).
○ Special thanks to JF Deyto and Eij McBride for beta testing
○ Checkout TheRadziu NoNpDRM-modding guide for more info about dumping decrypted vita files.
○ Tested on a Slim and Fat 3.68 h-encore and 3.65 Vita TV.
How bugs look like in this game
○ If there are major text bug’s and you want it fixed, just message me by googling froid_san or happydance and send a screenshot of it or the text before or after the text bug.


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