Toukiden 2 [JP] (English mod patcher v1.0a) [PS3]

Here’s an English translation port patch for Toukiden 2 [BLJM61344] JPN which is compatible with PS3 CFW/ODE/HAN/PS3HEN enabled consoles.

What’s done
v1.0a patch:
※ Fix PKG’s install for CFW PS3’s
v1.0 patch:
All stuff

What’s not translated:
Game Title on the PARAM.SFO (so the English title won’t appear on your recently played games, maybe just to be safe if you decided to play online)
Trophies are not translated (Modified trophies may get you banned, so this one is left untouched)
FMV misc captions (Subtitles are translated, but misc captions are hard sub) (Optional fixed FMV is also available if you want those)

Some word warp and overshooting text problems on Mitama’s Bio and Inscription Texts
Maybe a few minor word warp and overshooting text problems on other parts that I’ve missed

Windows PC
Toukiden 2 [BLJM61344] Game

There are no full games here, Please do not make a request. If you cannot follow the instruction on how to dump and patch your own game, please check elsewhere like google or reddit for those pre-patched files.

Files linked are xdelta differences patch files, it does not contain games nor resembles game codes or contents and won’t function or usable on their own. You must have a hacked console to be able to dump your own game for these patch files to work and use the mods.

English windows xdelta patcher v1.0a Patcher (71MB)

How to patch your game [PC/Windows]:
1. Backup/Dump your game/disc and save
2. Extract/Copy the contents of this English patch inside your game folder and overwrite all files if asked.
3. Run Patch_Files.bat
4. Wait for it to finish patching and verifying patched files.
5. When verification is complete without any errors, you can now copy the game to your USB or HDD.
6. Mount the game via webman/multiman/ManaGunZ/etc
7. Install the official Game Update v1.06 (via a downloaded game update or online via PS3)
8. Mount the game via webman/multiman/ManaGunZ/etc
9. Select the “Extra’s” disc and install “English patch for the Game Update” & “Unlock in-game DLC’s
10. Play the game

※ Tested the game from start to finish, but haven’t tested online yet. Try on your own risk and if you plan on doing it, play the game on HAN and convert the game.
※ This patch does not modify the eboot
※ Please include this readme if your gonna re-upload this patch somewhere or planning on making a pre-patch upload, so people will know how to properly patch the game or info whats translated, bugs, and stuffs included.
※ For bug reports, just message me by googling froid_san or happydance.


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