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Onechanbara Z kagura with Nonono! 9/30/2014 status update

it’s been 7 months after I started this one man translation hack army and after I’ve reach 98%… I feel kindda lazy finishing it hehe… since probably most them are just corrections of my grammar/spelling and minor cosmetic changes…

Never imagined that I will even heavily modify and translate a whole game and come up with a patch file no bigger than 15MB…

well I could never done it if the game doesn’t have.. zombies, kawaii girls, samurai’s and bikinis!!!! yeah my own perversion help me finish rom hack of a fan service game mwahahahaha!

Onechanbara Z kagura with Nonono! 5/28/2014 status update

After 2 months of Rom hacking and google translate, I think its decent enough to be a beta patch candidate.

yeah I know translation kinda suck since I can’t read / understand japanese so I have to relay on google translate all the translation, but she and I have a little trouble communicating with each other. (yeah google translate is a she and you have an option to listen to her hot Japanese vocaliod voice)

at maraming salamat Allanl boy plaboy sa pag paheram saakin ng HD video capture thingy.

Onechanbara Z kagura with Nonono! 5/13/2014 status update

Oneechambara Kagura Z, PS3 translation report:
So after a few weeks finally figured out on how to identify/extract/fix the header/apply alpha channels/edit those pain in the ass PHYRE GCM DDS images used on PS3 and….
OOOOOOHHH BOY!!! I messed up!!!
yeah I could forgive my self for those fuck tons of spelling and grammatical errors.. no biggie can fix that in a jiffy.. but when you broke it… now…what?
BTW thanks to this game for helping me figure out on how to edit this image stuff.
don’t worry you next in line for some fan translating loving