Musou Stars [JP] [English mod patcher v0.9a] [Vita]

Here’s an English port of Musou Stars (Warriors All-Stars) using the PC assets. Now fully playable, still got minor bugs on Tips text and probably also on dialog during story and battle.

Not really my kind of game, but some users are requesting this and I’ve gotten used to how Tecmo Koei Games can be modded and decided just to quickly port it since I’ve already had the tools and experience from my previous projects with this game format.

Maybe I’ll just release this and let you guys do the testing, getting kinda lazy to play games lately lols. :p Though I did play the game for about 3hours or so and tested a decent time of every character prologue introduction battle until you reach the main map or whatever you call it.

What’s done:
○ The initial release of English patch
○ Port All English text/images from the PC version.

What’s not translated:
○ Game title on vita’s save pop-up window
○ Game Credits
○ Maybe some text or images that I overlook (please do report this)

○ Word warping issue on dialog windows (Battle and story).
○ Some text may seem to be compressed/Squished.
○ Weird bug that crashes the game when displaying some Quest text that has a % symbol. [FIXED – check link for hot fix]

○ Hacked Vita (Enso/h-encore 3.60/3.65/3.68)
○ Repatch plugin (installed on the Vita and verified working)
○ NoNpDrm plugin (installed on the Vita and verified working)
○ reF00D plugin if on 3.60 firmware (installed on the Vita and verified working)
○ Vitashell
○ FTP program (Winscp recommended)
○ This English patch

There are no full games here, Please do not make a request. If you cannot follow the instruction on how to dump and patch your own game, please check elsewhere like google or reddit for those pre-patched files.

Files linked are xdelta differences patch files, it does not contain games nor resembles game codes or contents and won’t function or usable on their own. You must have a hacked console to be able to dump your own game for these patch files to work and use the mods.

English windows xdelta patcher for rePatch v0.9a + hot fix (5.8MB)
Hot Fix (Fixes some crashes on quest dude) (50kb) (with instruction)

How to patch (Windows):
01. Install the Base Game on your Vita and also the Game Update v1.03
02. Test the game if it working fine.
03. Extract English patch archive to a folder. ex: “MStars_patcher”
04. Using Vitashell browse gro0:app/ (if cart) or ux0:app/ (if a PSN game)
05. Highlight the PCSG01018 folder and press Triangle -> then select Open decrypted
06. Press Select and connect Via FTP
07. Using your favorite FTP application on the PC, browse gro0:app/PCSG01018/ (if cart)
or ux0:app/PCSG01018/ (if a PSN game)
08. Copy LINKDATA.BIN and LINKDATA.IDX folder to the PC “MStars_patcher” folder.
Original decrypted LINKDATA.BIN md5 hash 30fbeffdb1e53607a91ff18f1e9f3da1
Original decrypted LINKDATA.IDX md5 hash d4cbb1ab609bb730449654a229efd620
09. Run patch_decrypted.bat and Press Y then ENTER and wait for it to finish patching and Verifying file integrity.
10. Copy “app” and “rePtach” folder to your Vita’s ux0 folder & overwrite all
11. Play the game.

Additional Notes:
Do not change the “English Subtitles” on the Option screen. Originally that was supposed to display English subtitles on “FMV movies only” and not in-game text. Since the game is now modded and Default all Japanese text is now replaced with English, there no need to change that, doing so is equivalent to turning off the Movie subtitles.
○ Checkout TheRadziu NoNpDRM-modding guide for more info about dumping decrypted vita files.
○ Tested on a Slim and Fat 3.68 h-encore and 3.65 Vita TV.
○ Special thanks to Knofbath for reporting a game breaking bug.
○ If there are major text bug’s and you want it fixed, just message me by googling froid_san or happydance and send a screenshot of it or the text before or after the text bug.


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