Onechanbara Z kagura with Nonono! [JP] (Full English/Taglish fan translation mod patcher) [PS3]

Full translation for Onechambara Z kagura with Nonono! (v0.985 10-17-2014)

[What’s done]
• all system text are translated in English (aside from a two Kanji image on the move list, that i can’t edit and don’t know what image format it is)
• all game dialogue text are translated in my native language (Filipino) since I’m not that confident on my English since it’s not my primary language
• trophies are not translated (don’t know if that’s a good idea)
• all DLC items are translated
• patched to work on 3.55 and above (CFW/ODE)
• PS3UPDAT.PUP is dummied after patch for those still using 3.55 CFW
[Files hashes]
• Onechanbara Z kagura with Nonono! English v0.985 patch by froid_san.xdelta : 08a0ee907493c4b5d64b6440f00f36de
• Properly built original game ISO with IRD using Cobra ODE GenPS3iso v2.5 : 6717201019c8d2684f84c540f639c916
• Properly patched game ISO : 8d9006ad126b81b08504cae2f98a8806
[Patch instructions]
This instruction is assuming you properly rip your game using Multiman/Irismanager if you have a CFW PS3, 3k3y Ripper (PS3 game Ripper for PC) if you have it, or Rip it on Cobra ODE using the instructions at their support site if you have a OFW PS3 w/ ODE. If you properly rip your game, then all is well and it will pass all verification on the IRD and MD5. Never edit the PARAM.SFO, delete the PS3UPDAT.PUP or even run on multiman before you start the process of patching.
1. Build and ISO of the game using the included Cobra_ODE_GenPS3iso_v2.5
a. run genps3iso.exe.
b. select “Onechanbara Z – Kagura with NoNoNo!” (or whatever name you gave or it) game folder.
c. select where to save the game ISO (name the ISO to your liking).
d. select the IRD file.
e. wait for the ISO rebuild to finish.
2. verify the original game ISO md5 hash is exactly “6717201019c8d2684f84c540f639c916”
a. run HashMyFiles.exe.
b. drag and drop the ISO on the HashMyFiles window and wait for the MD5 hash to appear.
3. run xdeltaUI.exe.
a. select “Onechanbara Z kagura with Nonono! English v0.985 patch by froid_san.xdelta” file.
b. select “Onechanbara Z – Kagura with NoNoNo!” game ISO.
c. select where to save the patched game ISO (name the ISO to your liking).
4. verify the patched game ISO md5 hash is exactly “8d9006ad126b81b08504cae2f98a8806”.
5. Finished!!!!!
a. put the game ISO on PS3ISO folder and play if you have a cobra mixed CFW installed
b. extract the game ISO and place it on the GAMES/GAMEZ folder if you want to play on extracted JB format.
c. extract and Rebuild the game iso using Cobra_ODE_GenPS3iso if you want to play on Cobra ODE (for faster game data install).
d. extract and Rebuild the game iso 3k3y isotools if you want to play on 3k3y ODE.
*** I don’t know if it’s a bug on Cobra_ODE_GenPS3iso_v2.5 or just my PC/HDD, but my fist 3 attempts on creating an ISO yielded different MD5 hash. But after that, all ISO I’ve rebuild are the same when i saved it on a different HDD.
*** the game sometimes bugs out on different places, even in the untouched Japanese version. Sometimes you’ll get stuck on a wall/floor, the barricades won’t disappear when you killed all the enemies, and switches won’t be activated. Just restart the chapter to resolve this, well those just happen to me once only once and getting stuck on a wall just happed on me twice.
*** do not install the 1.01 Game update since it will overwrite some game menu’s translation (store and item screen) and PS3 in game system menu’s/notification and restore it to Japanese. I don’t know what changes are in the game update, but the obvious one is the dialogue script. Maybe I’ll take look at it in the future.
*** sometimes scrolling text overlap with each other at the end of the sentence, just let it scroll once more and it will be properly displayed.
Here’s my contribution to the scene, please bear with me since English is not my primary language and it’s a one man translation hack. No links of illegal files or games here, Patch is made with xdelta and all tools used are free.
[Old pre release video’s]

[Let’s play video of this translation from an acquaintance of mine in YouTube]

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